We create software for effective and safe operation of complex technical objects and facilities
Big machines are hard to operate
Modern ships and aircraft, oil and gas production platforms, automated factories consist of thousands of pieces of equipment that work together as a whole

To ensure uninterrupted and safe operation of such objects, trained personnel and competent planning of technical maintenance are needed

The right approach is required

That's why we concentrated our efforts on developing software for the efficient management of operation and maintenance, convenient tools for creating and using interactive technical documentation, and systems for staff training.

We create solutions
The company has developed its own line of software products to solve the problems of managing various stages of the life cycle of complex equipment
Interactive Technical Documentation Editor
Staff education
and training
Maintenance and repair management
Servicing management
Visual control and management of technical means
Emergency response management software
Fault-tolerant and secure computing platform
Cloud-based Maintenance Management Software
We are among Russia's leading software companies
Our programs are included in the Russian Software Registry and work with Russian operating systems
Our specialization
Interactive electronic documentation
Technical maintenance management
Emergency response management
Training and education management
Secure cloud computing platforms
Reference information systems
Solutions based on «1С» platform
Climate-resistant computing equipment
19 years
of succesful work in
Russian software market
cases in different industries was succesfully solved
pages of paper documents were transformed to interactive electronic form
Our services
Integrated logistic support consulting
Integrated enterprise automation
Development of interactive electronic documents
Creation of service and maintenance regulations
Software development
Design and production of climateproof PCs
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